I just started dating this guy 2 months ago. On the first date we had sex and it was earth moving. He told me he wanted to "be my man" but he has never asked me out on another "real date". We have met for drinks after work a couple of times and sometimes I will see him briefly if he stops by for a quick kiss. He is financially successful and he lives with his mother in a retirement community. (Weird, because he owns a home but rents it out)That doesn't bother me but I think it's strange that he says he wants to date exclusively but I never get asked out. He says that the fact that I have children keeps him from coming over and spending the night or hanging out at my house because he thinks they will get confused because I have only been divorced 2 years and he wants them to build trust with him and he doesn't want to move in on them too fast. I think he has another girlfriend. I told him that I don't mind if we date other people but he says he doesn't want to. I am confused. Do you think he is just taking the relationship extra slow or does he have something going on the side and he wants to have his cake and eat me too?