I met this great guy about three weeks ago, and we have since been on four dates, not including hanging out the night we met. Three of those dates were within the same week we met, the first was the very next night. The following wknd I was in a wedding and he flew out to Colorado. That Sunday, he asked me for a date the following wknd. I had to reschedule for the Friday night rather than Saturday afternoon as he had intended, because of a friend's last minute out of town birthday celebration. When I left for out of town, I a) forgot my jacket at his place. I offered to come by to pick it up on my way out but he said he'd keep it safe (I really did this on accident!). He also said, upon parting, "let me know how the lake is." we had also had a conversation the night before about how we weren't Fbook friends and I said I would friend him.

So, Sunday I added him, and also texted that evening to ask how his wknd had been. He responded positively and later accepted my friend request Tuesday morning. Monday, I just happened to find out about an awesome event I knew he'd appreciate and texted him that afternoon to let him know - he responded asap, asked when, but couldn't because he had a work function. That Friday, when we were out, he commented on how this week was a crazy work week, lots of stuff going on, but there might be a few parties over the wknd he'd let me know about.

I told him, have fun and ps about something we'd talked about before and he asked me to send it to his email, which he then provided. He then texted me later that night to ask if I'd gone to the event, we texted a little about what he'd done that night, all very positive and responsive. Asked me what I was up to that week, I reciprocated and e again mentioned all the work stuff but that there might be parties this wknd he'd let me know about.

I emailed him the link the next morning, no response but none really necessary, and he accepted my friend request that am as well.

My first inclination is duh, he's mentioned he's busy at work with lots of after hrs things going on, and I also know he's getting ready to travel for two or three weeks for work and has a lot to do. Of course, I do as well and am livingy life as normal, as I well should. And he's opened up two new avenues of contact (email and facebook) and said that he would let me know, as well as hold on to my jacket until we meet again - I have no reason to think he won't.

However, I feel as though I contacted him quite a bit, all at once and I don't want to have scared him off, or made him feel pressured or obligated! It's now Thursday evening, so, three days, which is not that long, especially when he's heavily involved at work, yet I still find myself thinking, it's very close to the wknd, shouldn't I have heard from him by now?

I feel nuts, honestly. And I'm inclined to just wait it out, as I feel that if he wants to see me, he will make the effort. I feel that I have made it obvious I'm interested, this week, and that any doubts he may have mentioned should be alleviated. Perhaps I have made it too obvious?