I really like this guy and was "talking" to him and became intimate under the impression that we would be pursuing more. Well he backed away claiming it scared him how much he liked me, that his feelings changed every day, etc. Although we talked all the time, in the course of 3 months or so we only hung out twice outside of the few late night calls. So rather than drive myself crazy because we wanted different things and also because I deserve more respect, I told him we'd just be friends. He understood where I was coming from and we continued to be friends (this was a few weeks ago).

Sorry for the Facebook drama, but it's what sparked this. The other day he "liked" a picture a male photographer friend of mine took of me and then "unliked" it a day later, followed by a status about wishing people got notified when you unliked their things. I put up a status about maturity and he immediately texted me about it because he knew I meant him, tried to act like he didn't know what I was talking about, then admitted he was jealous and because the picture was amazing he didn't like it. He's also a photographer. He hasn't spoken to me since. Honestly, how can he not want to commit to me but expect that I essentially commit to him?

I have this internal battle going on, I know I shouldn't talk to him and if I do it won't help at all, but I miss just talking to him :/.