What does it mean when a guy always sits beside you for any occasions, whether in a club, in a gathering, in a pub, etc. Does it have any significant meaning? & yes, he has a girlfriend too but does not talk much about her to anyone it seems. He always sit beside me, e.g.. He will be with his friends but he will quietly look out where I am going to sit in a particular dinner outing, once I found a place he will come and sit there too with me. Laughs a lot at my jokes too. Lol. There was 1 occasion where his friends were teasing me, and he kind of defended me, "reprimanding" his friend playfully but seeming very defensive over me. He seem very interested about what I do, about my studies, about my job, etc.
He seems very nice to me sometimes, but so weirdly does not reply to my text messages sometimes which seems quite rude to me sometimes. It's so weird cause he will be so nice to me when we meet, but otherwise we would not keep in contact much too. Yet, he is showing signs of him liking me. He even took my number from a common friend, but admitting to me me casually. Lol.
There was another occasion where we were in a group for a dinner outing and he was sitting with his bunch of friends. So, me and him were separated, he was at 1 end and I was at the other. He actually changed his seat, moved from his friend to sit with me. I was surprised by that & really thought he likes me but I realised, he has a girlfriend and he does show signs that he doesn't like me too e.g.. Not replying to my msges, not contacting me at all. Lol I am confused. I just want to know if this guy likes me or not.