I am a cancer girl very much interested in a virgo man. We have been on three dates through a dating service and each date went very well and we were both always looking forward to the next. We had great conversations, lot's in common, same goals, etc. So the first two dates I was nervous and didn't feel like myself 100%, but of course gave honest answers. However, in those first two dates it did feel like an interview at dinner, but still had fun. So the third date went much better, felt more relaxed because we were at a more causal restaurant. We had made future plans to hang out and everything seemed great until he kissed me when dropping me off (this was the first kiss). There were no sparks. I didn't give it much thought because I thought well, it was the first kiss after a series of interviews so of course there aren't going to be immediate sparks... we've never gone out doing an activity to be able to get a little more flirty. So.. try to make the story short, he called me and said that I was great, thinks we have a lot in common and have have fun together, but he was surprised that there wasn't romantic chemistry between us and was really hoping this would turn into something. I understand that's OK, move on, I'm not going to change his mind. My question is, in the dating scene do you think that's really fair? Two complete strangers going on interviews and expecting fireworks the first kiss? I understand that does happen with few people, some people take time, and for others it will never happen. In this case, I really do believe that given more time this could have gone somewhere. Readers.. what do you think? Also, if you are into astrology, apparently we are the perfect pair.