So I just got dumped by a girl that I've worked with for a little over a year now. I had seen her around all of the time, and often fantasized about being with her because she was everything that I had physically wanted in another. I decided to start talking to her and got her number. We talked for about 2 weeks and went to our company christmas party together. We started dating after that, and then actually "got together" two weeks there after. Everything was moving very fast, i.e. If I wasn't staying at her house she was staying at mine for about a month and a half. I was fine with it and I had thought that she was too. Then one day she said that it was moving too fast for her, and that she wasn't ready to get so involved with somebody so quickly, and broke up with me. It devastated me because I never even expected it at all. But I tried to move on, and a couple of days later she texted me that she wanted to meet up. I told her that I felt really bad after she left me, and that if I saw her it would just make things worse for me. She agreed and said that she would not try to contact me for a while. Then not even ten seconds later she texted me back saying that she wanted to be with me still but she just wanted to take things slow. I agreed to meet up with her then to talk things through with her, and eventually we got back together and decided to take things slower to actually get to know each other emotionally rather than physically and romantically. Everything was going fine for about a week or so, then one night I asked her if she wanted to go grab some dinner the next night, she replied with "maybe.... ill let you know." this confused me, so I decided to wait for her to call, and she never called back. I texted her a couple of nights later with "what happened to us?" she never texted me back. I even sent her an email at work saying "why did we just stop talking, and how i felt when she didn't call or even try to communicate with me." but she didn't respond. Now she won't talk to me, email me, text me or anything. Did I do something wrong? What should I do? Move on, and forget her? Ignore her and pretend I'm happy without her, to make her come back? I can't stop thinking about what happened, I dream about her every night, I'm going crazy! I need closure to this so I can move on?