There's this girl that I've liked since for the past year and a half she seemed interested in me and I was into her but I never made a move when I supposed to and 2 weeks later she started going out with other guys then, throughout the entire time she tried me jealous, then it comes to a couple a months ago her boyfriend and her broke up for now she seemed interested in me again so I was going for another girl at the time and that didn't work out so for about month and a half I couldn't a move so I broke the ice talked to her a couple of times again then I get on online and talk to her about her past bestfriends I said I and I came out to strong and she said to her friend I got friend that's a creep I say hi to her the next day and she looks at me and keeps walking, I see her again 3 times that day the first time she seemed excited about something next she looks away from me the next she was at her locker for an extended period like 5 minutes when it takes 2, now the girl that I was going for before likes me now and I don't her but this girl thinks I do but my question is do I still have a chance after she says I'm a creep