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    Apr 20, 2010, 02:45 PM
    Girl thinks I'm a creep do I still have a chance
    There's this girl that I've liked since for the past year and a half she seemed interested in me and I was into her but I never made a move when I supposed to and 2 weeks later she started going out with other guys then, throughout the entire time she tried me jealous, then it comes to a couple a months ago her boyfriend and her broke up for now she seemed interested in me again so I was going for another girl at the time and that didn't work out so for about month and a half I couldn't a move so I broke the ice talked to her a couple of times again then I get on online and talk to her about her past bestfriends I said I and I came out to strong and she said to her friend I got friend that's a creep I say hi to her the next day and she looks at me and keeps walking, I see her again 3 times that day the first time she seemed excited about something next she looks away from me the next she was at her locker for an extended period like 5 minutes when it takes 2, now the girl that I was going for before likes me now and I don't her but this girl thinks I do but my question is do I still have a chance after she says I'm a creep
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    Apr 20, 2010, 02:56 PM
    Shy, I don't think you should have anything to do with her.

    If she was comfortable enough to talk to you, and not say why you said or did something she felt was creepy, what kind of a relationship would that be- without any honesty.

    Her behaviour is rude and she sounds like the type of person who is looking for a boyfriend, just to have a boyfriend. She is likely too young to realize what it takes to treat a person with respect, and not leave them hanging, like she has you.

    Don't feed into her description of you by trying to catch her eye, or being near where you know she's going to be (her locker etc.) because that will only reinforce what she has already said about you to her girlfriend(s).

    Instead, find someone who can appreciate you as a friend first, and who doesn't play games, and use you to make herself look like some sort of victim, or some sort of prima donna to guys, just to get their attention.

    My three best friends all through high school were guys. We looked out for each other, did fun things, went to dances together, shared our troubles. No insult intended to young girls in high school, but, guys were a lot more fun.

    Look for a friend first, and drop this one like a hot potato.
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    Apr 22, 2010, 11:17 PM

    Yeah you still have a chance, but you don't want to take it. She is playing hard to get super bad. She wants you to feel bad and chase her, it gives her power. Don't give her the power to screw with your emotions man. Just step back and find someone else. And don't go for the girl you don't like, what's the point in that?

    Maybe by doing a 180 degree turn and not paying any attention to the hard to get girl, she will chase you. But still, she sounds very immature and she needs to be less of a... bad person...
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    Apr 25, 2010, 11:36 AM

    Ya sounds like she just wants you to chase her. You should completely ignore her, don't even look at her, and it well make her wonder why this guy who was chasing me is no longer chasing me? Does he not want me? Does he not like me? Is he just not interested in me? My best friend who is a girl said, some girls like to put the chase in guys, but that girls want the guy they can't get. If you like this girl and still want to go after her just act like your not interested in her. This might make her crazy and want you. But really you need to find a girl who is not going to play hard to get and instead be open with you that she likes you. Don't date a girl you don't like, just because she likes you. I've done this several times and its just a waste of time and the relationship won't work. Good luck.

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