I really like this girl who's my workmate. She has a boyfriend for 4 months now but I know her before her boyfriend does. I only know her by her name by just only last year. But now that she's new at work and I see her again we actually get to know each other better and got a lot closer, Mutual maybe.. We've been working together for 6 months now. We talk on the phone everyday for more than an hour. She even talks to me longer than she talks to her boyfriend and now she tells me how she wants to give up her relationship with her boyfriend but her soft spot(thats what she told me) stops her from breaking from their relationship. He begs her not to go and says he'll change for her but he still couldn't... they've been going on like this for more than 6 times. Well, all I could do is advice but my advice might make her think that I want her to break up with him and have me instead. I do tell her that I get jealous at times and she answers back with kissing me.

I really like her, I really do. We usually go out on a date and usually kissed while her bf's at work. I know its cheating but I couldn't help it and she likes it. We never went to bed though. We've been doing this for 2 months now. She even wants to take me and my Mom out to introduce her to my Mom and get to know each other. Plus, she told me that I could tell my Mom that she's my Girlfriend.

She and Her Bf are living together and I get so jealous every time I think about that. Living under the same roof which can make them do 'anything'. But they usually argue and whenever she blows up she tries to leave him, he begs and she stays. Soft spot, eh? Last November, they just dated for a day and he asked her to be his girlfriend which she agreed and after a month they lived together until now!

We went out last week we talked about us. We told each other that we really liked each other. I think I love her but I couldn't say it to her. I thought about her boyfriend and what we're doing isn't right. I guess I do respect their relationship at some times.

Should I still go for her?