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    Jan 15, 2020, 04:43 PM
    I found out what i want after she left me
    Hello i am 33 years old. I have a big credit at a bank and some ongoing businesses on my name managed by my dad. I am both a shareholder and an employee. The salary is low but i like it because it is not very hard And i have a lot of free time. Right now we wait for all the trials to be over to get enough money to live a decent life. I met this girl on a social platform, she is 34 and has a 3 years old child. Her husband died 2 years ago. At the beginning i thought to myself:ok it is gonna be a no strings, casual relationship. I admit: i am in my comfort zone,before meeting her for 3 years i almost had the same schedule:work-gym-watching tv series and going out with girls but without any future plans. I just endulged in my comfort zone. Until i met her. She told me that she had exactly my life,eith the comfort zone tv series etc but then her husband died and her whole life changed. We dated for 6 months but now i know that i want more:a family with her. I never felt anything like that before. We broke up because she said that i don’t give her enough security that if everything goes south, my dad’s businesses fall, that i would the type of guy who would work very hard. And i understand her. We broke up in a very friendly way. I love her,she loves me. The way i felt next to her, i never felt it before. We even drank together during weekends and dhe comoletely understood me and gave me a lot of advices. It felt like she knew what she was saying,that she could feel me. Now i lost both the woman i love and my best friend. Any advice? I know i have to man up,to take life in my own hands. But how,since i am stuck in this legal nightmare? I don’t feel completely independent and that is another reason why she broke up with me
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    Jan 15, 2020, 05:52 PM
    Hello again guy, so another break up huh? Well you have had enough of them to know how to deal with it, and the fallout that just magnifies your worst fears. I started to tell you to get out of that comfort zone but you aren't ready, and have no plan, but you know you will heal and meet a new romance partner. You've done it before and you will again no doubt. Maybe the next one will be a better one, so for now keep your head up and allow the healing to take place and be payient with the process.

    Obviously females with kids have a lot more than just love and romance on their minds so don't forget that lesson while your having fun falling for the next one. No shame in falling hard, but you still have to get up and get busy with your own life. You won't be so dependent on the family legal obligations forever, and you may be glad you soldiered through it and can stand on your own two feet and call your own shots if that's what you want.

    For sure make no big decisions while your mind and heart feel like crap!

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