So this started a few months ago when we both started getting busier with our lives (school, work, family etc.) and he changed schools so he could go to this other one that had better programs to offer him. I already have horrible self-esteem which many people would never think that about me but it's the honest truth, I thought that would be important before I continued with the story. This new school has many MANY fake girls, by that I mean the full out Chanel Purse, Orange tan, like the desperate housewives. Lol. I've never been like that, I was raised to be yourself and I'm not over weight by any means I'm very petite but I have a lot of curves. I feel as if he's gotten over occupied with all these other girls that he doesn't see me attractive and keeps finding ways to not be with me. We've made plans over and over again and he keeps breaking them. I even pushed sex on him the other night and he was acting like he was to tired and didn't want any part, which is weird because it's usually him pushing it on me. An I know it's not just my imagination because I've caught him browsing people's Facebook photos on his history. It's usually the blonde hair, blue eyed type. I brought it up before and he just tore me to pieces on how it wasn't my right to go through his things and that there just friends and he was just bored. So I'm asking is this whole thing just my made up feelings or is he wanting to be with someone else because he continues to look at other people and has already switched schools so he's farther away?