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    Nov 29, 2019, 03:53 PM
    My ex texted me , what should I say?!
    My bf and I broke up last month. I didn’t take it well because he was great. He would drive 2 hours for me, which is why we broke up ( long distance ). He asked me how I thought we were doing and he said the distance was really hard for him. After a few days I texted him that I missed talking to him and he said he missed talking to me too. And he asked “what do you want us to be? and I told him I wanted to make it work and he kept saying Idkk then he said that maybe if I had a CAR then it would. We have met up since the breakup and kissed ( he gave me a hickey ) after I told him a guy invited me out and he seemed kinda jealous. We were gonna be fwb but I only agreed bc I wanted him in my life but I told him I didn’t want sex bc I still had feelings and he said he understood. 2 weeks ago I texted him that “I missed his d” and he was like “I thought we decided that wasn’t what we wanted lol” and I told him I didn’t want sex but still missed playing around. And he didn’t answer. I’m getting over him but I’m just confused bc he views all my Sc’s. Our houses are 15 minutes apart ( we live in the same city ) so it’s not an issue for me. My parents bought me a car and I put it on Sc and he saw and didn’t say anything which is kinda why we broke up and the issue is fixed. I post stuff on Sc all the time and he sees everything I sent a happy Thanksgiving streak and he opened it and didn’t say anything so I just left it alone. Last night he texted happy Thanksgiving which I thought was random but I didn’t think too much into it. I said “thanks , and sorry I just now saw this” and he was just like “it’s cool” it was nice but I felt like if he rlly wanted to talk , he would what’s going on with him?
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    Nov 29, 2019, 05:22 PM
    It doesn't matter what's going on with him! Get over it -- he's history! Do not send him texts AT ALL! Do not meet up with him AT ALL!
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    Nov 30, 2019, 04:31 AM
    You have a car now so you can see if that makes a diference or not. Don't be surprised if he islooking around for other dating options as you are, and that's fair as you did break up.
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    Jul 5, 2021, 11:07 PM
    First, how old are you guys?
    Second, it seems he does not want to continue a relationship with you. for example, he used the car as an excuse, and now you have a car; nothing has changed.
    Third, never agree to a relationship on the contingency of an FWB unless that is what you want. You will not be happy, and it is not worth it.
    Fourth you must move on. that means no contact (IG, SC, FB, text) on any social media app. time and distance are needed to get over someone. The best thing to do I either hide his feed, block, or delete him.

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