Me and my ex were together for 4 years. I found out he cheated with my best friend and he said he wanted to make it up to me, but he wouldn't tell her what they did was over. A few months later he slept with her again and then broke up with me. It's been almost three months since we broke up, but he was like I still want to be there for you as a friend. I just found out that he's going out with her now; I think they've been going out since we broke up, but I'm not sure. He says he still loves me and I would accuse him of going out with her, but he would deny it. I called him and she answered the phone and I found out from her that they were going out. I didn't tell her that he said he still loves me and she was shocked to find out that he didn't say they were going out. Is my ex in a rebound relationship even though they started seeing each other when we were still together?