Hey so my ex dumped me exactly one week ago. We were texting and talking about college and such, and he said he might be going to a college out of state at the end of the semester. I was PMSing and in a bad mood, so I said, "that puts a timeline on things then."
(I'm just going to put our entire conversation that day, because I honestly don't know where it went wrong... )
Him: What do you mean?
Me: "is it really worth it to stay together if your gonna be
him: "yeah I know what you mean now. It's whatever its already hard enough as it is because I work all the time but it's whatever you want to do."
Me: I really just don't know.
Him: "Me either I've been thinking about that ever since my dad said whenever I'm ready I can go to a real college."
Me: Well what do you think?
Him: "I really do like you a lot.. it's just hard to keep up because of work and stuff. Idk Nicole if we do break up we are still going to be best friends and hanging out!"
Me: If it were up to me I'd with you as long as possible. But that might be me being selfish and not smart. Idk it would be hard to be just friends and thinking about that already hurts :\
Him: I don't know what to do! I'm like in shock
Me: Why?
Him: Bc I never thought it would end up this way.
Me: Can we talk about this in person?
Him: Yes most deffinitely! I never thought that conversation about college would end up talking if we are going to stay together or not.
Me: well it's a conversation we were going to have eventually
Him: Yeah I guess your right! Hey I'm off all day tomorrow I think.
Me: Well I can go out till 9 tonight
Him: So do you want to come over later?
Me: Isn't it a family night for you?
Him: No mom and dad have people coming over.
Me: what time can I come over?
Him: Around like 5:30 :)
Me: All right!
Him: So what are you doing?
Me: Watching role models. Sorry I think I'm being a little emotionally unstable today...
Him: it's okay I kind of am too! :(
Me: No you seem fine haha
HIm: Not really
Me: Well I teared up a little bit and neveerrrrr cry.
A COUPLE HOURS LATAA (he never responded)
Him: Hey what time you going to come over?
Me: You said 5:30..
Him:Yeah that's cool
Me: I'll just go to Emily's if your going to be a ***** tonight
Him: Since I'm such a little ***** you don't have to worry about me anymore. I had fun while it lasted. I hope you have a wonderful life. Goodbye.

I called him immediately after I got that. No response. I texted him saying:
Me: Garrett.. Please answer I shouldn't have said that.
Me: I made a mistake I was really pissed and I'm so sorry for taking it out on you. You didn't deserve any of the **** I've been saying all day. Just please answer your phone :(
Me: I will psycho call you...
Me: Seriously if you ever cared about me at all answer your phone.
Me: Are you really going to break up with me over a text..

2 hours later he texts me
Him: I'm eating I'll call you later.
Me: I am so sorry

Another hours later...
Him: What are you doing?
Me: Just call me when your ready to talk.

I never got a call. The next night I texted him this:
Garrett we need to talk about this. If this is what you want let me know now. I'm sorry for making a ***** comment you know I didn't mean anything about it. You know I love you and I don't want us to end over something dumb like that. I'm trying to give you time and space but you know I'm impatient and I need to know where your going with this.

Later I started drinking, so I drunked texted him...
Me: You are worse than ****face. Congratulations.

****face is my bestfriend's ex whom we all despise because he is the spawn of satan. But I only said that because I KNEW it would hurt his feelings, and I was drunk.

Prior to this we had the perfect relationship. We never ever fought or argued. We always got along great. He always told me he loved me, and vice versa.

I haven't heard from him in a week, and I haven't tried to talk to him since. He hasn't answered any of my phone calls or texted me or anything. I'm so hurt right now, and just want to know if you think that by the way we broke up, if he'll ever try to call me again... either to apologize or explain.. I don't know, anything. Or is it really over?