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    Nov 26, 2019, 08:31 AM
    Ex bf likes me but doesn’t respect me?!
    So I broke up with my bf a month ago and he was great. He told me I was everything he needed and drove almost 2 hours to see me, which is why we broke up because of distance. And he said it was rlly hard for him. We’ve texted since and I texted him a couple of days after saying I missed talking to him and he said he missed talking to me too and went back and forth ( mainly me trying to fix it) and him saying Idk but then saying that he needed something closer. We agreed on friends and then fwb but I just said that bc I wanted to keep him around. We met up 3 weeks ago and when I saw him he looked kinda rough and hadn’t shaved. We kissed and I told him I got invited to a party by a guy and he seemed kinda jealous and said there were a lot of ugly guys and gave me a hickey. I told him I didn’t want sex bc of my feelings and he said he understood. a few weeks earlier , I was supposed to go to the club near his college bc I was visiting my roommate for the weekend and we were texting and he was like “you’ll probably find someone at the club ” and I was like “idkk I’m not looking for anyone but if it happens , it happensss” and he was like “they will, don’t worry ” and I was like “yeah and I’m not worried lol” and he was like “why would you be?” Idk if that meant anything lol but he texted me that whole day asking about how the club was going and told me to be safe. But Idk if that just means he wanted to see me after. And he also views ALL my Sc’s does any of this mean anything?
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    Nov 26, 2019, 08:43 AM
    You changed the title but same texts so if I may suggest sticking with one question thread to save confusion.

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