This is going to be a little hard to explain, but pretty much in a nutshell, I want to ask this guy if Im being played(not that harsh of a word, though.) or if he actually likes me, without being too straight forward.

But here's a little back story.
We've been talking for awhile, and every morning, whether it's the weekend or the weekdays on school days, he will text me 'Good morning (:" and we would talk until we got to school, then he would text me after we both got home, and we text until either he or I go to bed first, then the same routine happens. He uses a lot of smiley faces in his texts, calls be cutie, babe and baby on a daily basis, whilst I just call him boo. He's a very respectful person, and for him first impressions are the key. He told me he would have kissed me already and put his arm around me and everything while we were watching the movie, but he was afraid of getting rejected and first impressions are the key.

He's training for the marines, and told me his grandfather is very strict on everything, and even having a girlfriend because he's just supposed to be focused on the marines, but he's snuck around the rules and bent them before. He also has a very bad past, which he told me about, where he was very depressed because of horrible, horrible things, and he trusted me enough to tell me. He has therapy for it, has trust issues and takes anxiety pills.

So, I want to know, Am I getting played?
Is he fooling around with me?
Does he truly care about me?