Hey my name is April,and I'm having trouble getting my boyfriend to trust me.I have been dating my boyfriend Travis for two years and it has been the best two years of my life except for the fact that he doesn't seem to trust me as much as I trust him. He has a lot of friends and when one of them like me he says that they just like me because he's dating me.When someone tells me something about him liking or flirting with a different girl I tell them to stop hating but when someone tells him I was flirting with another guy he gets all mad and says that I made him look stupid today.When I do something stupid he puts me on punishment,which I think is sort of stupid because he isn't my dad,but when he does something stupid I don't get mad at him or anyhing which makes him think that I let him get away with a bunch of stuff so he thinks that I don't care about him the way he cares about me.If I didn't care about him the same way he cared about me then why do I give him space to live his life and not up his butt all the time getting my friends to watch him and hiring my friend as his bodyguard?
Does he trust me or care about me the way I do about him,from the heart?I appreciate it if you would write me back because most websites I go to they don't write me back because they think I ask to many questions.