Ok so I am 17 and a boy I don't know whether I am gay or bi but I know I really like this one guy. He is a friend of mine at school ( we r seniors). I have liked him since 10th grade and he has known since 10th grade second semester so I know for sure that he knows! He hugs me everyday at almost the same time and any other time during the day that I run into him he will raise his arm like he is inviting me in for a hug. He always dresses casually never anything special... but damn does he smell good! He always has something on that just smells so damn good like it makes me want to jump him right then and there! We don't really have conversations he just signs off with his usual, "have fun!", whatever the hell that means LOL. But we normal must share a little small talk After the hug and he parts with me before I'm ready to leave him so I'm kind of left there standing... Sort of in a daze from his scent fluttering through the air!! He is soooooooo hot!! He is sex on legs I kid you not! So anyway he knows I like him and I always give him money or poems that I write or little motivational writings and he always gives that, " who, me!?", reaction and says," you didn't have to give me anything bud!", and I always return with," oh hell yes I did have too!!", I love the way he treats me and how protective of me he is and his warm body when we hug and his deep rich manly voice!! Ur muh gerd I just want to pounce!! I know he genuinely cares about me and likes the fact that I like him and care about him but I don't know if he likes me... ill ask him and he will divert the question and change the subject or he will say things like," you are a handsome and very interesting guy just don't beat yourself up!", which does not answer my question but somehow does suffice And makes me melt in his arms!! Well I'm lost on this one someone please analyze this situation and tell me what u see and what I can do to change it!!