My boyfriend and I have been on and off for about four years. For two of those four years, he tried to make it work with the mother of his children... When it didn't work out, he decided he wanted to be with me again. I kind of took him back into my life. Since then, some strange things have happned. He went to Charlotte 2 months ago by himself - not believable. He claimed he was visiting one of his old co-workers. I do believe he met up with his old co-worker (man) and someone else (woman). He was also supposed to get a paternity test done for a possible 8 year old child he may've conceived. A woman whom is currently married with 3 children claims he may be the father of one of them AND she still has feelings for him!! He said she disappeared upon his arrival... he's going with a cousin in two months and claims he's going to make the attempt to get tested again. I advised him to set it up in advance that way all he has to do is get the test done without having to see her or her daughter. He's clueless. Anyway, he's been talking about getting a place together and I really don't know if I can trust him. There's always something or someone he's making an excuse for. I'm starting to think he's using me, but I can't decipher what his reason would be behind it.