I have been living with my boyfriend for six months. At the beginning he was fine with my 10 year friendship with a man. My friend and I had to stop seeing each other for lunch, because of my boyfriend. We still talk on the phone. My boyfriend hadnít said anything until last night. He had a couple of beers and we argued about something, my friends name came up, I mentioned him. So, my boyfriend responded that he wished my friend were dead and that he would kill him or beat him up if he could. He accused me of having a sexual relationship with my friend. I felt so sad, since I have been faithful. Iím very religious and I know that if I cheat on him, Iím doing it to God. My boyfriend is a cop. He scared me, because he once said he could send someone to beat up his ex-wife for cheating on him. He was also drunk. Is it the anger and alcohol talking? I tell him to seek help, he denies any wrong. I pray for him. I always talk about God and he laughs. Give me advice. I love this man. He is kind to children, he is loyal. He had all the qualities I had ask God for. I was the happiest person alive, until last night that he said those things. He is angry with God and the whole world because his parents died 5 years ago. Nothing I say seems to help him. I know he is depressed, but he does not want to accept it. Also, my brother says things like that when he gets angry, but he is a chicken and too nice to act. Is it too much stress from working 80hrs a week, or just progesterone? Is it the classic macho Mexican man? We are Mexican Americans.