My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years. We moved to a new city about 7 months ago and live together. He had been unemployed after finishing grad school and was depressed (I didn't realize at the time how depressed he was, but it seems clear now that he should've been seeing someone). In February something didn't seem right one night and I checked his email, which I've never done before. Turns out he had been sending nude photos of himself to women. He explained it was a way to make himself feel good about himself, but he's never slept with anyone or met with anyone. Since then he got a job, we have been going to couple's counseling and things were getting a lot better. But then I just found out that he contacted another woman after we got into a big fight. I know I need to breakup with him, but I'm still in love with him... I'm embarrassed to talk about this with my friends. What do you think?