My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now, and the issue of money in our relationship has not really improved. Ever since the first date, we have split everything 50/50 (we met for a few drinks on our first date, and yes, I bought him as many as he bought me). Although we don't split the cost of every little drink or every dinner, it evens out as he'll pay for one evening out, and I'll pay for the next. I wouldn't have a problem splitting the cost if we made the same amount of money, but we don't! Not even close! I'm a school teacher who paid my way through college and graduate school (and is now struggling to pay back the loans) while he works for a major financial firm in Manhattan and makes good money (and has not a single loan nor credit card). He just got a mid-year bonus in addition to his end of the year bonus! Still, he expects everything to be 50/50. We are moving in together soon, and I'm afriad this might not be the best thing for our relationship. The apartment we found costs 1550/month on Long Island. That's exactly what he pays for his studio in Manhattan now. The apartment I live in now costs me 800/month. He wants to split the rent 50/50, but that would mean that he's saving $775/month by moving in together, and I'd be saving $25/month by moving in together. In the end, he'd be saving so much, and I'd still be struggling to make ends meet. He's also not planning on getting a car once he leaves the city, so I'd have the only car which of course he would use yet not pay a dime for! Owning a car costs me almost 600/month! Don't you think that's unfair? He's fully aware of my financial situation, but he doesn't seem to care. As a teacher, my summer paychecks are given to me in one lump sum on the last day school. Due to unforseen costs such as a broker fee, security deposit, and first months rent on our new place ( we weren't planning on moving in together so soon, but the perfect apartment became available) not to mention all the gas and toll money I've spent driving him around and back to the city on Sundays (He's given me $40 total towards this all year - those of you who are drivers know that's nothing!) I've had to resort to getting a credit card just to make it through the summer, yet he'll let me rack of the credit card billswhile he socks away his money! Its really sad. I work really hard, yet I have nothing to show for it. Anyway, I don't want to make him sound like a terrible boyfriend because he's actually the most loving, affectionate person I've ever met. He's just weird about money. Self - centered almost! I think this stems from him being an only child and being spoiled growing up! So, Is my boyfriend cheap, or am I just crazy! Please help!:confused: