I met this guy 3 months ago, he lives in Atlanta and I live in NJ. Our fathers have been friends for 11 years. We talk and I really care about him, he claims to really care about me as well. We are not officially boy friend and girl friend but when he comes home to visit and someone says “is that your sister?” he says “no that’s my girl”. I know that he talks to one other girl in Atlanta that I know about because I’ve asked. He said that they are not in a relationship or together but he does care about her. He seems to be genuine; he kisses me in public, tells random people walking down the street how much he likes me and introduces me to his friends. He is 22 and I am 19, am I thinking too much into this or should I be worried that he talks to other people? Is a little friendly competition OK being that she was around before I was? Or is he more serious with this other girl than what he is telling me? How long should I talk to him while he is talking to other girls?