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    Jun 9, 2016, 11:38 AM
    What causes cash discrepancies and what reasons can a cashier be fired for?
    I am new to cashiering and I would like to do a good job at it. Could you list in bullet points as many causes of cash register overages and shortages as possible and as many reasons as possible for a cashier to be fired please? Much appreciated.
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    Jun 9, 2016, 02:30 PM
    No bullets from me.
    TWO major categories (assuming the cash drawer is correct when you start): cashier error and short change artists.
    Cashier error depends on various factors, including whether or not the change to be given is calculated for you, how well you see both the number screen and the money, how well you count, and how easily distracted you get, especially if someone starts talking to you, or you hear someone mention a number.

    When new, it doesn't hurt to fan out the bills in the change and announce the amount, and then announce the coin amount (handed out without counting though).

    No way to give advice about what gets a cashier fired. Each employer is different. Some have a formula and some play it by ear, giving more leeway when you are new.
    You can be sure that they know when it's deliberate, because they know what the typical accidental discrepancies are like.
    With modern registers, there is NO REASON to be off more than a dollar a week.

    An innocent mistake often happens when someone doesn't want a lot of coins in the change, and they are slow to tell you that they are going to give you something like $20.16 for a receipt that is $13.16. If that starts, stop in your tracks. Sometimes they have the change, sometimes they don't. But be prepared for anything. They might even give you 20.26, and you then give them 7.10. Get it? Rarely, you could get someone who insists, either by lying or being mistaken, that they gave you a larger bill than they did. It never hurts to leave the bigger bills across the drawer so you can show them what they handed you.

    Short changing usually goes like this: you are handed a larger bill, then, just as you are making change, you are told that they didn't mean to give you that large a bill, and a flurry of hands moving money back and forth distracts you, and the artist gets both the smaller bills and the large one they handed you. That's why you never put the large bill in the slot until you have handed over all the change. You leave it across the drawer.
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    Jun 9, 2016, 08:39 PM
    I will just go to Cashier error, if you count the money property that is given to you, and give the correct change, there is seldom a issue with improper drawer count.

    But normally everyone will have a few dollars over and/or under all the time.

    Don't have any large 10, 20, 40 100 dollar issues.

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