Yesterday, by a vote that fell along partisan lines, the Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its prison population.. To NOT do so, would be a violation of the Constitutions ban of Cruel and Unusual punishment...

Now, I don't know if cramming 140,000 people into a space with an official capacity of 80,000 is cruel or not. It could be. In fact, I think the evidence says it IS.

But, the "cruel and an usual" Constitutional question wasn't even a factor for the right wing. Their ONLY concern was the risk to society. They have NO concerns for the inmates. Apparently, overcrowding, no matter HOW overcrowded, NEVER constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Are they right?


PS> What does "official capacity" mean? It certainly doesn't mean a number that won't be exceeded... My body has an "official capacity" of 165 lbs, and an age of 43. Uhhh, so what?