Donald the Crazy announced an immediate withdrawal from Syria since he had defeated ISIS. Top-level military men bailed out of his administration because that was a lie. Bolton declared the opposite, and the Head of State of Turkey refused to meet with Bolton because “America is nuts”. Good point, Erdogan.

Orangehead wants his wall built, so what does he do? Well what any sane person would do – he refuses to pay wages to almost one million workers and insists some of them work anyway without pay. Nobody on the planet has yet figured out what one has to do with the other. Meanwhile, sick people can't get medical treatment, mortgages are going unpaid, and babies can't get their milk. What does idiot boy say? “They'll adjust”.

Donald the Genius (“I'm smarter than almost everybody and have big words”) has caused agriculture losses in the billions because he doesn't understand how trade works. Payments to farmers have been stopped because he doesn't understand how a shutdown government works. Donald the Dope says he will move money intended for Hurricane relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico to build his wall, but he can't because he doesn't understand how Congress allocates funds.

Then there are the border agents who he claims “love” him. They're suing him for lost wages.
Today the Air Traffic Controllers sued Trump for lack of due process.
TSA is next.

Oh yeah, remember Mexico paying for the wall – he denies saying he ever claimed they would pay it with cash or a check or something like that - “directly”. This in spite of literally hundreds of videos proving that is EXACTLY what he said! He now claims the money will be “paid” by Mexico via the new trade agreement (which hasn't even been approved yet by Congress, and which will not generate nearly enough federal revenue to pay for a wall).

Just another day in the deliriously dizzy world of a demented president.