The Hitler comparisons don't work well. Hitler, for all his evil, was a brilliant orator, which Trump decidedly is NOT. The body language, too, misses. However, another tyrant comes to mind - one that works only TOO well.

Trump is a duplicate of the famous Italian buffoon, Benito Mussolini. Same body language, same pompously raised head while speaking, same self-congatulatory head nods, same goofy facial expression. He lacks only the black shirt which I'm sure he has tucked away somewhere.

It's hard to keep up with Trump's daily goofiness. But that may be coming to an end as a DC grand jury begins to look into Russian collusion with the Trump people during the 2016 election.

It is my belief (and fervent hope) that the downfall of Donald Trump is nigh ending the most shameful period in the history of the American presidency.