At today's press conference, Trump claimed his "enormous" electoral college vote was the greatest since Ronald Reagan.

The facts:
2016 Trump 306
2012 Obama 332
2008 Obama 365
2004 Bush 286
2000 Bush 271
1996 Clinton 379
1992 Clinton 370
1988 Bush 426

As anyone can see, Trump's false boast wasn't even close to being the greatest since Reagan. In fact, he had less votes than anyone except George W. Bush in 2004 and 2000.

When challenged, Trump sheepishly changed his tune to include just Republican presidents. WRONG AGAIN !! George H. Bush had far more electoral college votes than Trump 426-306.

Then Trump said, "Well, I heard it somewhere."

Trump has repeatedly made this false boast since the election. Every time he has made it, he has been corrected by fact checkers and in most media.

Today, claiming it once again on a nationally televised press conference, probably world-wide televised, he revealed once more an odd lack of self-awareness that is hard to explain. At least ten different times in the past two months Trump was corrected on this absurd claim. Yet he continues to make the claim seemingly unconcerned that it is a lie and that he has been caught in this lie again and again.

When the president of the United States cannot distingush truth from reality, it is time to consider Article 2 Section 1 for his removal. That probably won't happen until his followers wake up and see what is happening. I believe Trump will deteriorate further as time goes on.