The white nationalists, Nazis, KKK denizens and the alt-right united in Charlottesville Saturday killing one and injuring dozens as they attacked those counter-protesting against their evil. They wore their Make America Great Again caps and bore signs supporting Trump. Make no mistake - this is the core that Trump so dearly loves.

In response to this horrendous action, Trump gave the world woosy platitudes in his comment about the confrontation and the killing. Not once, NOT ONCE, did he call out the evildoers by naming them. The Nazis were vocal in their love for Gropenfuhrer Trump. And the Gropenfuhrer blew kisses to his Stormtroopers by his silence.

To see Trump promote a moral equivalence between good and evil in his comments has shocked even die-hard Republicans. Tens of millions died during WW2 fighting the very thing Trump has refused to condemn by name.

How much longer?