Blatant illegal dealing by the "art of the deal" self-proclaimed "genius".

First there was the fraudulent Trump University which Colludin' Donald had to pay $25 million to settle.

Now it's the equally fraudulent Trump Foundation that the New York Attorney General is suing.

This "charitable" organization raised $3 million from the public for US Veterans which he diverted to his election campaign.

Then there were the false reports to the IRS, illegal contributions ($25,000) from the Foundation to support a Republican candidate for office in Florida, Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski giving tax-free Foundation money to the Iowa Republican campaign, $20,000 for a portrait he commissioned for himself paid by the Foundation, $258,000 to pay off his business debts - this and much more the AG called "wilful and knowing" by Trump.

When do you Trump supporters wake up and smell the stink of this crooked president?

Loads of details can be found at this link.

Proven evidence of the criminality of Colludin" Donald Trump. He even admits it, not knowing it would come back to bite him in the a**.