The Rachel Maddow Show reported last night Thursday that she received an anonymous document in the mail that was marked Top Secret from the NSA.

Within the document was the name of an American citizen (well-known) who was a member of the Trump transition team and who worked with Russian agents to help Trump win the election. This was a bombshell document. Not the smoking gun, but far more, the gun actually in the process of being fired.

After several weeks of forensic analysis and running it past highly placed US intelligence officials, it was determined the document was a forgery.

Had her show run with this false information, it would have been later proven that it was not true and that she was reporting "fake news" since the charges could have been refuted. Maddow's career and her show would have been over and the "fake news" gambit would have gotten new and extremely powerful legs.

This is very scary stuff. Maddow wouldn't say it but it seems there is no doubt that someone within the Trump organization was the anonymous source. It certainly seems like something Trump himself would do or authorize.

She made this public as a warning to other news agencies to be very careful about "tips". The fact that it was directed to her indicates how effective her reporting has been. The document itself was a brilliant forgery and had secret markings "proving" (falsely as it turned out) its legitimacy.