Their parents brought them and they grew up to be hard-working decent AMERICANS! Now that moronic jackass in the White House wants to DEPORT THEM!!!!!!!!!!

He has his flunkie Sessions justify it by a song-and-dance about THE LAW. You remember Beauregard Sessions - he's the one who LIED about his Russian contacts during his confirmation. He also said he "liked the Ku Klux Klan" - which he later retracted.

So evil Trump justifies his deportation of good people by citing the LAW and how important the LAW is for every country and for civilization itself. THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the same LAW that Trump DEFIED by granting a pardon to the racist Sheriff Arpaio?

He cites the LAW when it suits him. When the LAW doesn't suit him, he simply ignores it.

This double-faced bozo continues his disgraceful march trampling over any decency he encounters.