Hope you don't mind if I borrow your theme, ex.

The Ohio House passed a bill banning abortion after a heartbeat is detectable, which can be as early as 5-6 weeks.

Democrats are predictably outraged:

Democrats in the Ohio House said the heartbeat bill goes too far.

"This bill gives the government the ultimate power, the ultimate power to intrude upon the most personal and intimate decisions of our lives, of women's lives, frankly," said Rep. Connie Pillich.
The Ohio House also passed a ban on late-term abortions and a provision to opt Ohio out of taxpayer abortion coverage under Obamacare.

Not content with that, the state of Ohio also passed a budget that bans abortions from being performed in public hospitals, prohibits abortion coverage in insurance plans of local public employees and other pro-life measures including guaranteeing pro-life students equal access to funding and facilities on college campuses.

Finally, a government is on the RIGHT side of history in protecting the most helpless among us and recognizing the HUMANNESS and PERSONHOOD of the unborn child.

I'm on the RIGHT Side of history here, are you?