When Bush was in office, I remember seeing a lot of complaints on this board that Bush was acting like a dictator. People complained that Bush was tapping phones illegally in a violation of their rights when the NSA was listening in on conversations between foreign terrorists and their contacts in the USA. People complained that Bush was violating their rights because the government had the right to monitor electronic records from libraries under the USA PAtriot Act. They complained that Bush was violating their rights by forcing them to go through extra security at airports. They complained about illegal search and seizure when he tracked and froze the bank accounts of terrorists and terrorist-funding organizations. Bush was becoming a dictator, they complained.

Never mind that all this was done legally AND with the interest of protecting the people of the USA from another 9-11-like terrorist attack. Never mind that there has been no recorded case of any US citizen's rights being violated in any way by these laws and actions. Never mind that the actions of the agencies involved were not indescriminant, and no innocents ever got caught up in these actions. Bush was a dictator and a despot who wanted to control every aspect of our lives... or so people complained.

Yet now we have a President who wishes to control what you drive, how much gas you use in your car, what lightbulbs you can buy, how much you can earn, how much bonus money you can take home at the end of the year, and (through new legislation he is proposing) what you can eat and drink and smoke, He controls two of the three largest auto manufacturers, ten of the twelve largest banks, and the largest insurance company. He is trying to take over your medical insurance as well, and may very well be successful at it, which would give him direct control of the sources of about 20% or more of national GDP. He truly is taking control of literally every aspect of your lives.

Yet we hear not a peep from those who claim to have been afraid of Bush because he was a dictator trying to control our lives.

<Wind rustling in the trees>

<crickets chirping>

<owls hooting>

Where are all the complaints of Presidential Dictatorship now?

Hyporites of the world, unite!!