Jack Kemp's old district in Republican reliable Snow Country is up for grabs in a special election next week.

This seat was a solid Republican seat for years. It voted twice for president George Bush and solidly for John McCain in 2008'

But it became vacant after incumbent Chris Lee decided he couldn't keep his shirt on (and probably his pants. He got caught responding to a personal ad from a woman on Craigslist . When she saw he was a married Congressman she submitted the evidence to Gawker. Lee quickly resigned .

Guv Cuomo called for a special election for May 24.

The candidates are :
Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (Republican)

Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul (Democrat)

'Buffalo Beast 'editor Ian Murphy (Green Party).He's the clown who prank-called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pretending to be David Koch.

Jack Davis ( a phony Dem who hijacked a place on the ballot under the 'Tea Party.')

This race is too close to call between Corwin and Hochul .It wouldn't be if Davis wasn't grabbing significant votes from Republicans who have not done their research to show he's a Dem in Tea Party clothing . Murphy is not really a factor.

This race has grabbed national attention because the Dems think they can pick the seat off. Money is now pouring in to the candidates .Madame Mimi and other prominent Dems have been in for fundraising and campaigning .The House crier ; Speaker Boehner has also come to the oft neglected region of NY .

Both major parties are spending a fortune now . The issues are Kathy Hochul's support for big government spending . Jane Corwin is accused of supporting the Ryan plan for Medicare . This could've been an early indicator of the national mood going into 2012 if it was a 2 party race.

Davis is a Dem plant taking advantage of NY's "liberal" use of 3rd party ballot slots.He's a fraud who is as much a tea party person as Chuck Schumer . Davis ran for office in 2004, 2006, and 2008 as a big government Dem.
The Tea Party Express got involved this week and formally is endorsing Corwin.Tea New York spokesman Rus Thompson says his group is backing Corwin. Truth told ,there is no tea party group that will endorse
Davis because he's a phony .

Davis has been endorsed by the local ACORN party, the Working Family Party. He is pro-abortion ,supports partial birth abortions.

Davis is calling for a new tariff program advocated by Keynesian lefty economist Paul Krugman. He is opposed to any
Entitlement reform at the federal level.

This race could've become a referendum on the Ryan plan or the Democrat big government approach .Instead it became a side show. The Tea Party needs to address this problem before the 2012 elections before anymore TINO's(teaparty in name only)hijack the name.