The unfair and unproven character assassination of a SCOTUS nominee will now be called a 'Kavanaugh'. The apparent narrative is that this guy who has had an unblemished record for 30 years of public service was a big drinker in High School who led a ring of sexual assaulters when he wasn't attempting rape and exposing himself to helpless female students .None of his accusers have offered the tiniest sliver of proof ;and have all but admitted to faulty and incomplete recollection of the events ;and cannot produce collaborative witnesses.

In fact ,the NY Slimes investigated the Ramirez claim and decide there was not enough corroboration to report it . Not that it stopped sleaze bags like
Ronnan Farrow from slandering him. The Slimes interviewed over 2 dozen people who were at the college party ;and none can recall the incident
What’s extraordinary is that Ramirez herself admits that she hesitated to come forward because there were such large gaps in her memory; and only came forward after a week of coaching from her lawyer .

Yet Senators are taking these charges seriously and giving them more weight than 6 different FBI back round checks Kavanaugh has had .Over 200 women encompassing his years from high school to the present have signed letters supporting him and his character .

Senator Feinstein should be brought up on ethics violations no matter the outcome . Her withholding the charge until the 11th hour was disgraceful. Knowing this ;Senator Grassley should end this charade Thursday and have his committee vote on the Kavanagh appointment ;and Yertle McConnell should fast track the full Senate vote and get it done in time for the start of the October SCOTUS session .
If you have a son, it should terrify you what Dems think should happen to him if he becomes so successful that the only way to tear him down is to just accuse him of the worst.