Economic disaster or a fresh approach

China is seeking to forge a new empire based on the communist adage "we will sell the last capitalist the rope to hang himself". Xi didn't say this but the strategy is obvious and if they have to take a route that passes through a few non capitalist countries, ah well.. What this says to us is we missed the boat and China will forge those ties we would like to have but they will do it with honey, not guns and they will do it by putting their money where their mouth is, no wait, your money.

Now I like the idea of a $12,000 SUV better than a $50,000 SUV, You could afford to buy a new one every year, look out Detroit, you are being consigned to history.

Over here, in the deep south, we will keep digging iron and coal out of the ground to make it happen. You see, without saying so, Xi is going to make China great again