Our lovely politicians are trying to scare us. I don't know why. Ain't nothing to be scared of. Or is there? Here's my list, in NO CERTAIN order, of things politicians say we should be scared of. Please REARRANGE them in the order you think they should be in, the scariest at the top. Of course, add any fears I've left off.

1. The jobs are never coming back.

2. Secret money will destroy our democracy.

3. Political correctness.

4. Corporations.

5. The deficit.

6. Illegal drugs.

7. Illegal aliens.

8. The New Black Panther Party.

9. Glenn Beck.

10. Barrack Obama.

11. Communism/marxism.

12. Gays.

13. Welfare.

14. Muslims.

15. Iran/N. Korea/China.

16. Global warming.

17. Secularism.

18. Racism.

19. Our declining education system.

20. Our increasing prison population.

21. The health care law.

22. The stimulus.

23. The bailouts.

24. The investment in GM.