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    Dec 16, 2007, 04:47 AM
    Huckabee :Foreign policy
    When I read the Huckster's foreign policy essay at 'Foreign Affairs 'Mag. Why did I think I was reading Democrat talking points ?
    Foreign Affairs - America's Priorities in the War on Terror - Michael D. Huckabee

    The United States, as the world's only superpower, is less vulnerable to military defeat. But it is more vulnerable to the animosity of other countries. Much like a top high school student, if it is modest about its abilities and achievements, if it is generous in helping others, it is loved. But if it attempts to dominate others, it is despised.
    The Bush administration's arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out.
    On diplomatic relations with Iran :
    "When one stops talking to a parent or a friend, differences cannot be resolved and relationships cannot move forward. The same is true for countries."
    Huckabee's fantasy about negotiating with Iran ignores the fact that the Europeans;presumably less hostile to Iran than the U.S.;have gotten nowhere with diplomacy.

    He echo's Obama's folly in his call to attack al Qaeda in Pakistan :
    "Whereas our failure to tackle Iran seems to be leading inexorably to our attacking it, our failure to tackle al-Qaida in Pakistan seems to be leading inexorably to its attacking us again."

    To be honest there are some good ideas in the essay ,but in his attempt to differentiate himself from President Bush he has created a disjointed and weak policy paper.
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    Dec 16, 2007, 05:33 PM
    It's like bad journalism in that it is ignoring facts contrary to its conclusions; but it certainly follows the mantra that 'America got what it deserved' On 9/11
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    Dec 17, 2007, 04:14 AM
    When people started comparing Huckabee to Jimmy Carter I thought they were going a little over board. Based on this essay I'm not so sure.

    Their comparison was primarily based on an unknown Southern Governor suddenly taking Iowa and propelling to the nomination . I'm hoping the better analogy is with Howard Dean... meteoric rise and a melt down.

    We cannot live with al Qaeda, but we might be able to live with a contained Iran.
    We lived with a "contained "Soviet Union for years before Reagan decided it was better to defeat them.
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    Dec 17, 2007, 12:10 PM
    Huckabee also forgets that the Soviets were "contained" because they were afraid of mutually assured destruction (MAD) that would be caused by an attack against us. They didn't want to die, so they didn't start anything direct against us, nor did we with them.

    Iran has no such fear. They are Islamofascists who have no fear of dying, who actually WANT to die for their cause. They are not afraid of their own destruction, and MAD is not a deterrant for them. So how do you "contain" Iran without being able to project a fear of their own deaths onto them?

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    Dec 17, 2007, 12:42 PM
    Elliot . Foreign Affairs has published similar essays from almost all the major contenders from both parties . I could've sworn at times I was reading from a Dennis Kuchinch authored article.

    If the Huckster is the nominee I'm going to have to think hard and swallow hard before I vote for him . I can't believe he is emerging and I hope the Republican primary voters understand there are much better choices running . He rivals Ron Paul except at least Ron Paul's positions are rooted in Republican traditions (albiet out of date ones ) . All the Huckster is doing is savagely attacking the Bush foreign policy FROM THE LEFT .

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