Beryl Howell ,the Federal Judge who approved of Mueller's request to impanel a Grand Jury is a former Democrat Sen Pat Leahy staffer who worked for Leahy for 10 years . She also worked as a prosecutor in the same Eastern District of New York, in Brooklyn at the time that Loretta Lynch worked there .She is a close associate of one of Mueller's hired investigators Andrew Weissmann ,who was also in the US Eastern District office ."Weissmann and Howell didn’t just overlap during their days in Brooklyn. The two a...lso co-authored a scholarly law article published in the New York Law Journal on June 8, 2006. The article explores an issue that may be relevant to Mueller’s probe: obstruction of justice. "Howell will be the umpire-in-chief: deciding whether or not Trump allies’ lawyers can quash subpoenas, and whether or not people like Jared Kushner can invoke what’s known as executive privilege to get out of testifying under oath before Mueller’s grand jury. "

The ‚€˜No-Nonsense‚€™ Judge Who Could Decide Trump‚€™s Fate