The fiasco known as the "reformed" Health Care Bill has again been delayed by a handful of Republicans who simply can't agree on the best way to screw the poor while massively rewarding the rich. Robin Hood in reverse.

Neither Obamacare nor its repeal/reform are perfect legislation but why not get together and tweak Obamacare which most Americans now approve of? But I don't want to get in a never-ending discussion of the merits of that approach.

What I WOULD like to pose as a question is - What is wrong with the single-payer option? Yes, it's socialism, but so what. Our system is already a modified system incorporating aspects of socialism into capitalism and has been for years. I suspect many who rail about "socialism" do not really understand what it is.

Single-payer works in other advanced countries. Why not America? Anecdotes describing the horrors of single-payer are just that - anecdotes. Cherry-picked to support an agenda. The overwhelming majority of consumers in those countries approve of single-payer. And it solves the basic issue re health care that has caused all this commotion in the first place - its cost.

(As an added thought -- It's hard not to think of Trump as blissfully unaware of the details and nuances of the health care discussion. What he clearly desires is simply to attack anything with Obama's name on it. Trump has never gotten over Obama's humiliation of him at the White House Correspondent's Dinner some years back. Trump sat there at his table and the camera caught him glaring with hatred at President Obama as Obama took apart his ridiculous stands on issues - beginning with the notorious and nonsensical "birther" business.)