Yassmin Abdel-Magied felt ‘betrayed by Australia’

One big mouthed Muslim has moved on, now what do we have to do to convince the rest of them to do the same. You see there are times when it is OK to criticise, and there are times when it's not, but when backatyou kicks in, you have to be prepared to take it. Yassmin has been a pain in the backside for a while, telling us how fair islam is to islamic women when we know it isn't, and how great shariia is, and telling us on the holiest day of the Aussie calendar that we have to be mindful of illegal immigrants (muslims) we have locked up for breaking our laws, there were 364 days on which she could have given that message but she chose to betray her chosen country by grandstanding on a day devoted to remembering sacrifice.

I wonder if her message will get any traction in the UK or will it be another case of bad timing