In Singapore, and like Chamberlain, colludin' Donald waved a piece of paper and bragged "peace in our time". He gave away the store and got nothing in return. Some deal! Some negotiator!

The US Forces rotate yearly and the military exercises are necessary to keep them combat ready in the face of the madman across the DMZ. Trump canceled them. He didn't even notify his own troops he was doing this!

The World Bank declares the US has a trade SURPLUS with Canada! Trump, in his desire to destroy the Western Alliance, cannot, or will not, read a simple chart proving this. His trade lies are payback to Putin and the Russians for giving him the US presidency.

Soon the sanctions against Russia will be eased like the sanctions against the Chinese telecomm firm ZTE. These sanctions against ZTE, Trump whined, are hurting jobs in China. Yes, China, while his tariff attacks against US allies will soon be eliminating jobs in the US!

Meanwhile, the Republicans do absolutely NOTHING to stop this out-of-control nutcase from ruining America. As a former Republican, I am outraged at the treasonous behavior of this once great party.