It seems every day Trump says or does something that makes everybody shake their heads in disbelief, including his own party and followers.

As the various investigations into Russian collusion with the presidential election campaign delve deeper and get closer, Trump today asked his legal team if the president can PARDON HIMSELF. Let me repeat that - TRUMP WANTS TO KNOW IF HE CAN PARDON HIMSELF. He said it, not me.

An innocent person would not ask that question. (He also wants to know if he can pardon his family. Hmmmmmm.)

This follows Trump's throwing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus yesterday. The world awaited Sessions' resignation today but, wimp that he is, he declared his intention to "stay on".

While his "pardon himself" story was breaking, Trump's legal team spokesman resigned.

One more - Treasury fined Exxon $2 million for illegal behavior when current Secretary of State Tillotson was heading Exxon. Exxon then sued Treasury, so now two Trump appointees, Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary Tillotson, will have a go at each other.

Folks, you can't make this stuff up.

Trump is getting nervous-er and nervous-er.