A $50 billion global AIDS spending bill (S. 2731) sponsored by Obama and McCain, was passed this week. The outcome, which included the addition of water projects for Indian reservations, demonstrated the complicity of both major political parties in out-of-control spending designed to benefit a powerful special interest group.

The $200 billion already spent by U.S. taxpayers on HIV/AIDS here and around the world has not resulted in any cures or a vaccine.

(In addition to spending $50 billion at a time of growing economic difficulties in the U.S. the bill lifts the ban on entry into the U.S. of AIDS-infected aliens, who could end up adding to the costs of the health care system.)

Senate Passes Obama's AIDS Bill
As much as I hate AIDS, all the money we've sent out there has done no good at all. Is the answer really that we should send even more or should we work more on a 'hands on' ideal. It seems to me the dictators of these poor countries will be the beneficiaries and the sufferers will continue to suffer.

Do you see this as a good thing or another venture into useless spending?