Ok, I know this sounds really bad and dishonest. But a couple of times, I have written a couple checks to my OPEN account to myself from an old CLOSED account (I still had the checkbook after I closed it) to avoid overdraft fees. For example, I have $50 in my account, I don't get paid for 2 more days. I know tomorrow a transaction for $55, $3, $10, etc. is going to go through. Well if I ride it out, bam! I get over $100 in overdraft fees. If I write a bad check however, this covers me until I get paid, then the check comes back as "closed account" and they assess me a $19.99 chargeback fee.

Can they do anything to me? It is not like I am defrauding anyone, except myself, and my current bank as far as them not earning any "overdraft fees" on me... I know this is dishonest but nothing has ever happened to me so I am wondering if this could affect me at a future date?