We are talking about a 12 year old girl who's mother abandoned her at 3, came back around on occasion, but really only paid attention to the older brother. This child over the past say 3 years has accused her cousin of touching her, her brother who is 3 yrs older of the same the police were never called because we had evidence it was not true. Now her father who would not ever spank any of his 4 children or allow anyone else to. Who raised her and her brother by himself and gave those kids all he could and did a fine job doing it. She has now accused her father of trying to have sex with her. Mind you this girl is very well known for lying to begin with. My son is facing 7 felonies if we can not find this answer! The only difference with my son being accused rather then the cousin or the brother is he is over 18 and the police were called rather then telling the dad about the accusations and discussing it. Please help me find the answer, AND NO THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL THAT MY SON THE FATHER DID THIS1