My son was sentenced to two years of probation for possession with intent to sell or distribute marijuana. One of the requirements was to pay fines and fees of about $2,000. He has been not been able to get a job to pay the fines and fees, but the two years of probation are over He will appear before a Judge on 4/7/08 on terminating his probation as not being complied with. He has an assistant Public Defender who has just told the Judge that he has left calls for my son's PO, but that the PO did not call him back. I called the PO and she said that she never got a call or voice mail message from the Public Defender's Office, but that she would call the Public Defender's Office and state that my son is in compliance with everything except the job and fines. Can the Judge actually terminate his probation and send him to prison because he has been unable to get a job?