Hi! About a year ago I was convicted of a dwi. I live in NY state. I had a clean record up until this incident. I was sentenced 3 years probation. I also was sentenced to have an interlock device put in my car. I have had nothing but issues with this. It has failed on several accounts. 2 times were when I was not driving my vehicle. All that happened was the car was attempted to be started the breath test was failed so the car could not start simple as that. My probation officer didn't make a fuss over it. She knew I was being honest. Anyway I just had another failure I wasn't drinking it was about noon I went to start my car... fail I tried 3 times in the period of id say 3 hours kept failing I couldn't figure out why. Finally I changed my mouth piece and it worked. I am ocd about germs and I constantly am using hand sanitizer. I am thinking it got down into my mouth piece causing it to fail since you hold the device with your had? I don't know. I am scared to tell my probation officer due to they get fed lies constantly, therefore why would she believe me... especially seeing as how it has failed before. Anyway I am a college student. SR for my bachelors ans psychology and then going onto graduate school. I just am curious what may happen. I have completed all the court ordered classes like ddp and abuse group and they all gave me high ratings. I really am trying to do the best that I can and I just am worried if she doesn't believe me what may happen. Can anyone give me some advice. Would be very much appreciated thank you