All right, I am located in Indian River county in Florida and I recently violated my probation (VOP) for a positive urine test. I had been arrested for misdemeanor possession of Marijuana and on my test I came up positive for marijuana when my level was at 55 ng/ml which is pretty slight considering a positive test is anything over 50 ng/ml. This test was my last test after 6 months and I should have been released from probation because I had up to a year of probation with 6 months early termination if I didn't violate. I also was given a withhold of adjudication at my initial court date when I was put on probation. I am a two time offender and had recently completed the Youth Drug Court program successfully so unfortunately my record is all but clean even though the charges were dropped through the drug court program, they still appear to the judge. When I violated I turned myself in and was allowed to post bond the next morning because I needed to in order to graduate high school and since then have started an out-patient rehab program and have had clean drug tests every week except for the one right after my violation. I am going to college at the university of south Florida and plan on continuing counseling and staying clean. Now my question to you guys is: What do you believe my sentence will be.

I have heard everything from:

Having my porbation extended with possible additional terms

To 30-10 days in jail plus extended probation

Getting charged with the crim, having my withhold of adjudication taken away and being done with it.

I'm doing everything I can to move on with my life and get away from drugs but I'm just wondering what the judge is going to think about the steps I've taken and what he'll probably sentence me to.