For some reason one of my eBay purchases got shipped to my old address, I have bought tons of stuff since we moved and everything has made it here fine. Anyway I have a prood of delivery form from UPS saying the package was received by a woman at the address. I went to his home (it's a 2 family with a communal front door) and was told "there's no woman here" "I never received any package!" There was no signature and I have to convince the shipper to move forward with a trace. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Do I have a Leg to stand on? Any way of meeting face to face with the delivery guy and getting a statement, or better yet having him go to the police with me?? The items in this package weren't expensive but they were irreplaceable. The driver may have gone to a wrong address but given this mans past history I SERIOUSLY doubt it.